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Henning students speak with astronaut from Vining

Henning students had the rare privilege of talking to a visitor from space Wednesday morning.

Karen Nyberg, a 1988 Henning School graduate and a flight engineer aboard the International Space Station, visited the Henning gym courtesy of NASA. Nyberg, who is originally from Vining, has been on the station since May 28.

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Students from pre-kindergarten to senior classes and members of the Henning staff had a 20-minute window beginning at 9:45 a.m. to see their famous alumna. NASA-approved questions, submitted by students and staff, found their way to the space station via a downlink provided by NASA.

Henning Principal Thomas Williams saw a lot of enthusiasm for Nyberg’s second trip into space in May, when the school held a launch party and watched the liftoff of the rocket that carried her into orbit on the NASA channel.

“The amount of pride within not only our school but the whole community is very great,” Williams said.

Nyberg, also a University of North Dakota alumna, is scheduled to return to Earth in November.