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Stay warm: Call now for Cold Weather Rule protection

CenterPoint Energy reminds customers about their rights and responsibilities under the Cold Weather Rule (CWR), which protects residential customers who are experiencing difficulty paying their natural gas bill from having their service disconnected between October 15 and April 15, 2014.

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While the CWR does not prevent customers from being disconnected for nonpayment, it does provide customers extra protection as defined in the CWR, but residential customers must contact CenterPoint Energy.

Customers who anticipate having trouble paying their natural gas bill in full, who received a Notice of Proposed Disconnection or who need gas service reconnected are urged to call CenterPoint Energy to establish a payment plan.

The payment plan will include what is owed as well as the amount to be billed and will take into consideration a customer’s financial situation and any other special circumstances.

The payment plan must also be agreeable to both the customer and CenterPoint Energy. If an agreed-upon payment plan cannot be reached, customers have a right to appeal under the CWR.

Under the CWR, special payment terms are available to customers who:

● Apply for and receive Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program funding assistance in Minnesota.

● Meet income guidelines set by the state of Minnesota and provide proof of income.

To set up a payment plan, call CenterPoint Energy at 1-800-729-6164.

For additional information, visit