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Some state parks to be limited during hunting season

Special hunts to prevent overpopulation of deer and protect resources will take place this fall at several Minnesota state parks, and access to the parks will vary during these hunts, according to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

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Some parks will remain open to all visitors, some will have limited access and some will be open only to hunters with special permits (closed to the general public).

Lake Carlos State Park near Alexandria will remain open or partially open to all visitors during special hunts November 9-10.

Nine parks will be wholly or partially open to hunting all season by legislation, 12 parks will be open only to hunters with special permits, 27 parks with special hunts will remain open or partially open to all visitors, and 29 parks will have no hunting.

For a list of parks that are open, partially open or closed during the 2013 hunting season, visit ( or contact the DNR Information Center at 1-888-646-6367 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday or at

The DNR advises anyone planning to visit a state park between now and the end of December to look online or call ahead to find out whether a hunt is planned and confirm whether the park will be open.

The DNR also advises visitors of parks where hunts are planned to wear blaze orange, even if they will not be hunting. Visitors should check for hunt-related information at the park office when they arrive, look carefully for hunt-related signage and follow instructions.

Details on which areas of each park will be affected by the special deer hunts also are included in the “Visitor Alert” boxes on the individual park web pages at (www.dnr.state.