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Vinyl records remixed to create icon art

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Artist Gordon Lynch of Osakis creates mixed media paintings of America’s music icons – Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles and more. His work is on display and available for purchase at Antiques Osakis. (Echo Press photo by Amy Chaffins)2 / 3
Using chips of vinyl records, sheet music and paint, artist Gordon Lynch depicts musicians like Bob Dylan. (Echo Press photo by Amy Chaffins)3 / 3

Bob Dylan.

Johnny Cash.

Jimi Hendrix.

Merle Haggard.

A local artist has captured the depth and unmistakable images of these music legends using chips of vinyl records, sheet music and paint.

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Gordon Lynch of Osakis creates mixed media paintings depicting America’s music icons.

A mosaic of pieces of shiny black vinyl and swirls of thick paint create striking portraits of musicians like the father of blues Robert Johnson, folk musician Woodie Guthrie, legendary Neil Young and, of course, The Beatles.

Lynch has been an artist for at least 40 years and after a decade of stepping away from it, last March, he answered the call to return to art.

“I set up my studio again, started doing some drawing and I thought I’d do some paintings and this idea came to me. I tried it out and this is what I’ve been doing,” Lynch said.

So far, Lynch has sold about eight of his 24 mixed media pieces.

“It’s very flattering,” he said. 

Lynch’s impressive work is on display and sold at Antiques Osakis where natural light from the storefront windows highlights his art.

“I’ve noticed that as the light changes, the picture changes, all because of the reflection on the record pieces,” Lynch said.

The John Lennon piece is his personal favorite, but, he said, “A close second would be Bob Dylan, of course.”

Admirers of his work say they like the idea that the records tie-in with the subject matter.

Lynch is also a musician – he plays guitar.

Lynch has a bachelor of fine arts degree, has worked in a variety of mediums and done graphic arts work, but he shies away from the professional artist label and prefers to call his work a hobby.

He said, “I guess it’s just something interesting to do.”

Lynch said he’s also working with Carlson Music in Alexandria to sell his art.

Amy Chaffins

Amy Chaffins is a journalist working for the Echo Press newspaper in Alexandria, Minnesota.

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