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Businesses have opportunity to recycle fluorescent bulbs

Businesses that are customers of Alexandria Light and Power, Agralite Electric Cooperative or Runestone Electric Association will have the opportunity to recycle fluorescent bulbs free of charge on designated days as part of Pope Douglas Solid Waste Management’s (PDSWM) Fluorescent Bulb Recycling Program.

The next bulb recycling pickup by the vendor will be October 14 at 8 a.m. at PDSWM, 2115 South Jefferson, Alexandria.

Before shipment day, PDSWM asks that businesses properly store and maintain an accurate count of fluorescent bulbs. This includes keeping bulbs stored in a sturdy box or lamp barrel and marking full boxes or barrels with the number of each type of bulbs it contains.

Complete the paper or online recycling form ( and return by fax or e-mail.

Notify Green Lights Recycling to order boxes or lamp barrels if needed to swap out for existing boxes/barrels or to order additional boxes/barrels.

On shipment day, only bring bulbs during the designated drop-off time. If the bulb count has changed since registration, bring those written changes with the bulbs.

Only those businesses that have registered their bulbs will be allowed to deliver bulbs on shipment day.

Bulbs must be packaged in sturdy sealed boxes for PDSWM to accept them for recycling. Acceptable packaging includes sturdy, sealed cardboard boxes or lamp barrels with covers.

Unacceptable packaging includes bulbs bound by tape or plastic wrap, uncovered lamp barrels or boxes with lamps/bulbs exposed.

For more information, contact Nathan, environmental coordinator, at (320) 763-9340 or at