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Community supports United Way’s Plant an Extra Row

As the end of the growing season begins to close, United Way reported that its Plant an Extra Row supporters have had a very good year.

The First Lutheran Church garden for 2013 is now in the record books. Thirty-four people ranging from youth to seniors harvested 440 pounds of squash, 18 pounds of kohlrabi and 1,500 pounds of potatoes. That is 1,958 pounds in less than two hours.

For the year, the garden produced 3,450 pounds of food for the United Way of Douglas and Pope Counties. Adding that to the last three years makes 13,841 pounds of food shared with the community.

The Knights of Columbus in Brandon have also been a mainstay in the success of the program. This year so far their garden has provided 1,482 pounds of food to the Plant an Extra Row Program.

This garden is planted and nurtured by members of the Knights of Columbus. During the past three years, they have provided more than 5,300 pounds of produce.

The total produce donated this year to the Plant an Extra Row program from organizations and individuals totals 6,727 pounds.

Once the food is donated, United Way distributes the food within Douglas County. Food was given away to people who stopped by the United Way office and was delivered to various locations throughout the city.