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Owners of 22,000 registered feedlots need to re-register by Jan. 1

Owners of an estimated 22,000 livestock feedlots registered in Minnesota must submit updated registration information to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) by Jan. 1, 2014. The information includes location, type of operation, and number of livestock.

"Feedlot registration helps the state protect the environment by targeting resources for improvements where they are most needed," Randall Hukriede, an MPCA feedlot program manager, said. "Registration also helps us communicate with livestock producers about regulatory and educational information."

The state's feedlot rule requires all feedlot registrations to be updated at least once in a four-year cycle. The current four-year cycle runs from Jan. 2, 2010, to Jan. 1, 2014. Records show that approximately 13,500 feedlot owners have already re-registered for the current cycle.

Feedlot owners who have not already re-registered will receive a registration form from either their local county office or an MPCA regional office. The feedlot owner must review the information on the form, make any needed corrections, and return the form to the appropriate office. On Aug. 15, MPCA regional offices mailed forms to more than 3,000 feedlot owners in 33 counties that are not delegated to administer the state feedlot rules.

"Accurate registration data are critical for county feedlot officers to run a successful feedlot program in their counties," says Dan Vermilyea, president of the Minnesota Association of County Feedlot Officers and Steele County Feedlot Officer. "Registration data are used to develop inspection strategies based on feedlot type, size and relationship to surface water and wells. The data also help CFOs stay abreast of feedlot trends in their counties, which helps them develop pertinent educational materials and programs for the producers."

Registration started with the feedlot rule revision enacted in 2000. It replaced the need for operating permits for the vast majority of livestock feedlots. Feedlots with 50 or more animal units and feedlots located in shoreland with 10 or more animal units located are required to register.

Currently, state permits are necessary only for feedlot construction or expansion with 300 or more animal units, or for feedlots needing to correct pollution problems, or for large feedlots -- 1,000 or more animal units. About 1,200 large feedlots in Minnesota hold National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System/State Disposal System permits. Counties also may require feedlot permits and/or conditional use permits.

More information and the Registration Form for Feedlots and Manure Storage Areas ( are available on the MPCA's Feedlot Permit Information and Application Forms webpage ( or from your county or MPCA regional office.