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Franson issues statement on farm equipment repair tax repeal

Representative Mary Franson (R-Alexandria) released the following statement on Governor Dayton and the DFL leadership call to repeal the farm equipment repair tax during special session:

"I'm encouraged to hear that Governor Dayton and Democrat legislators have finally accepted the reality that the farm equipment repair tax they imposed and hastily passed during the last hours of session would be devastating to hard-working Minnesota farmers.

"I've heard from farmers throughout my district who were deeply concerned about the disastrous impact this tax would have on their livelihood. I'm happy I can now tell them this tax is likely to be repealed in special session."

The first priority of the special session is to provide relief for those who incurred damage caused by the June storms.

"I'm looking forward to working in a bipartisan way so we can first and foremost provide relief to Minnesotans affected by the June storms," Franson said. "In addition to storm relief and repealing the farm equipment repair tax, I'm hoping we'll have a bipartisan appetite for repealing the warehousing tax during special session."