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Alexandria Light and Power warns customers of scams

Alexandria Light and Power (ALP) warns utility customers to be on guard for a scam targeting payment on their utility bill. At least two local businesses have been contacted at this point.

The company said that customers are being contacted by phone and told that their power will be turned off in a short time if they do not make immediate payment on their utility bill.

Utility customers are being asked for personal and financial information to make the payment.

Any customer who receives a call demanding immediate payment should hang up and contact ALP at (320) 763-6501 before providing any personal information over the phone.

ALP said that any customers that have given credit card information to someone over the phone, posing as an ALP employee, should contact the card issuer and alert the bank to the possible fraud.

ALP also asks that customers who suspect they've been involved in the scam to call ALP and local police.