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'MacGyver' bombs' explode in Montevideo, police say

MONTEVIDEO, Minn. -- Montevideo Police say someone has been setting off "MacGyver bombs" in this western Minnesota town.

Over the past few days, police have found eight "MacGyver bombs," according to Montevideo Police Chief Adam Christopher, but no one has been injured.

Christopher said four bombs were detonated near one home and the others were found in the same part of Montevideo, a town of about 5,500 people.

The homemade bombs are made by mixing aluminum and chemicals inside a plastic pop bottle. A chemical reaction creates pressure and causes an explosion.

These MacGyver bombs can cause damage and injury, Christopher said.

"They can spew chemical all over and cause chemical burns," he said. "If a kid came up to one, they could be injured. If it got in someone's eyes, it could certainly cause damage."

Montevideo police say they believe say they have found all of the bombs in town. Police do have a suspect and are not releasing his name at this time.

The suspect does have a criminal history, Christopher said.

While such bombs are not to be taken lightly, they're also "not uncommon" to find, Christopher said.

"I can think of several cases where we've found these in town," he said. "In the early 2000s, we had a string of them. One officer burned his skin while investigating one."