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Cardinal Athletic Foundation receives donation for turf stadium

The Alexandria Cardinal Athletic Foundation was recently presented with an $11,500 donation from the Bernick's Family Foundation. This donation will be used for the Turf Stadium, expanded gym facilities and new tennis courts at the new Alexandria Area High School, which is currently under construction.

The athletic foundation exists to positively impact the lives of student athletes by supporting, promoting and enhancing the athletic programs, facilities and equipment of School District 206.

Understanding that athletic participation complements the education and development of the whole person, the foundation is committed to serving as a capital fundraising partner so today's student athletes can be equipped to serve as tomorrow's community leaders.

By partnering with School District 206, its alumni and the community, the foundation strives to provide the resources necessary to allow the comprehensive sports programs of District 206 to excel and become a model for other communities to follow.

"Building the new Alexandria Area High School is an exciting new endeavor," noted David Hartmann, District 206 activities director. "[The donation] will assist in the enhanced facilities...that will allow the Alexandria area to recreate in a safe environment.  These facilities will attract youth tournaments, provide more opportunities for healthy living and fitness, and be an economic boost to the local economy."

The artificial turf field, which features seating for 3,500, will be utilized 24/7 and require a minimum amount of maintenance. The district will see cost savings due to the irrigation, mowing, painting and field preparation that are not necessary with artificial turf.  

Constructing a second quality outdoor field with lights, press box and seating for nearly 1,000 will create a venue suitable for varsity and evening intramural competition.

The gym expansion project will feature a safe surface with space between the bleachers and the competitive floors; adequate seating for 9th grade volleyball and basketball games; youth tournaments; wrestling and dance competitions; and the elimination of confusing lines and portable bleachers.

 Ceiling-mounted volleyball standards in four of the five courts will save storage space and provide quick and easy set-up for youth and adult volleyball. Custodial and storage costs will be reduced.

Building 12 tennis courts will allow Alexandria to host section tournaments, have one site for practice and matches for both varsity and junior varsity teams and provide ample courts for 30-plus students in physical education classes.  

Alexandria is losing nine area courts due to expansion at the hospital and a bus entrance at an elementary school.

The Cardinal Athletic Foundation stresses that due to these facilities, Alexandria will become a site for section basketball, dance, tennis, wrestling and other post-season playoff events for surrounding communities, which will be a boost to the local economy.

The facilities will provide youth and adults increased opportunities to participate in programs that will enhance community involvement.  

These programs will foster the development of leadership and life skills and promote healthy living and fitness opportunities.