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New app works for Gopher State One Call

A new smartphone app has been developed by KorTerra, Inc., a damage prevention software and one call center solutions company, to bring safe

digging information and simple call before you dig communication links to the masses.

The new damage prevention app is currently being used by Minnesota's call before you dig center, Gopher State One Call. The app is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play, on any Apple or Android smartphone or tablet devices.

This additional avenue of communication to one call centers, such as Gopher State One Call, allows anyone who is planning to dig a quick and easy way to provide information about a dig project directly from their smartphone. With the app, users can also receive further information about their dig project, such as when the dig site has been marked with paint or flags, and what the colors of the paint and flags mean.

Providing dig information to one call centers not only keeps people safe and prevents damage to underground utilities, it is also the law in all 50 states. Safe digging laws require anyone performing an excavation project, whether large or small, to contact their state's one call center and provide information about their planned digging. One call centers can then alert underground utility owners of upcoming excavation near their underground utilities, and provide enough time (typically 36 - 72 hours depending on which state your are located) for these companies to mark their underground utilities with paint and flags. The new app helps anyone who is planning to dig by giving them an easy way to make sure they are following state laws by providing safe digging information, as well as links to submit their dig information online, from their smartphone.

Features of the damage prevention app used by Gopher State One Call include:

--E-Ticket: Submit your dig information before digging begins (this is required by law). Users can map their dig site by drawing a dig box or polygon directly from their smartphone or tablet device.

--Positive Response: Utility companies submit positive response information after they have marked an underground utility with paint and flags, or have cleared the location as safe for digging with no utilities near the dig site. This is used to inform the person digging of any danger at the dig site, such as a nearby underground utility.

--Ticket Search: Search for the dig information you submitted, which is saved online in the form of a ticket, as well as utility positive response messages.

--Utility Color Codes: Learn what the colored flags or paint means in your yard or dig site, with each color representing a certain type of underground utility.

--Call Center Handbook: View the one call center handbook which includes an overview of changes during the past year, safety issues and party responsibilities.

--Homeowner Guide: View a brief homeowner overview about the safe digging process, how to contact your one call center, what information you need to provide, and what happens after you contact the center.

--News Feed: Stay up to date on the latest happenings at the one call center.

--Damage Prevention Events: View upcoming damage prevention (safe digging) events in your area, and submit new event information to add to the event list.

--Contact Us: Contact the one call center helpdesk with any questions you have about one call center services.

To download the damage prevention app, visit the Apple App Store or Google Play.