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Local motorcycle group reminds drivers to watch for bikers

Warm weather is here and American Bikers for Awareness, Training, and Education (ABATE) of Minnesota would like to remind motorists that motorcycle riders are back on the roads. With gas prices hovering around $4 per gallon, fuel efficient motorcycles have become a favorite means of transportation for the owners of more than a quarter million registered motorcycles in Minnesota.

Because motorcyclists are sometimes difficult to see in traffic, it is important for motorists to watch carefully for motorcycles at all times, particularly at intersections. Motorcyclists should never assume that drivers can see them. It is also important for riders to use good lane positioning for maximum visibility.

Motorcycles have been absent from the roads since last fall, and it takes time for drivers to get "reacquainted" with them. Please remember to slow down, pay attention, and start seeing motorcyclists.

ABATE of Minnesota will continue to:

€Maintain and defend the rights and freedoms of all Minnesota motorcyclists.

€Promote increased penalties for motor vehicle operators who drive in a negligent manner.

€Promote motorcycle safety training, including beginner and experienced rider courses.

€Promote motorist awareness of motorcyclists through the Share the Road program.