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Out and About: Bicycle Safety Rodeo

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Kids, cops and safety came together during the annual Bicycle Safety Rodeo on Saturday.

It was sponsored by the Alexandria Police Department, in partnership with the Noontime Kiwanis, Alexandria Technical and Community College, Subway, Bike and Fitness Company, Douglas County Safe Communities and Active Living.

The event was held at the Alexandria Technical and Community College and was well attended.

At the event, youth had their bicycles inspected and minor adjustments were made if needed. In addition, they were able to learn about bicycle safety through practicing their signaling and using their safe riding skills on an indoor course.

Blinkers for the bikes and several bicycle helmets were given away. Also, two lucky kids won bicycles.

Everyone in attendance also had the opportunity to have Subway sandwiches.

This event has been held since the 1980s and police officers say they look forward to it continuing for years to come.