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Franson: Bill to unionize childcare providers is political power grab

Senate and House Republicans held a joint press conference today to discuss childcare provider and PCA unionization legislation (HF 950/SF 778). SF 778 is scheduled for a vote in the Minnesota Senate.

"There is no need to insert a union between a mother and her childcare provider," said Senator Michelle Benson, R-Ham Lake. "This is nothing more than political payback to union bosses."

"As a former childcare provider, I know firsthand the joys and challenges of caring for young kids during the day. Hard-working parents deserve to know that their childcare provider isn't forced to have split loyalties between them and union bosses. Imposing a layer of union bureaucracy interferes with the relationship of trust that's necessary between parents and childcare providers," said Rep. Mary Franson, R-Alexandria. "Furthermore, taking money away children of hard-working low-income parents for union dues is wrong. Young children do not deserve to be caught up in a political power grab to benefit union leadership and their political activities."