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Andes Tower Hills open in May for first time

Andes Tower Hills, near Alexandria, was open in May for the first time, when it opened its hills to the public for the last time on Saturday, May 4. (Contributed photo)

Andes Tower Hills Ski/Snowboard and Cross Country Ski Area, located near Alexandria, opened the hills to the public for the last time this snow season on Saturday, May 4.

This is the first time that Andes Tower Hills has been open in May. The ski area opened for seven different months, starting back in November 2012 for the season.

"Due to the late season snowfalls and the fact that most of the slopes face north to keep the sun away from directly melting the snow is the reason why the resort has an abundance this season," said manager Tom Anderson. "This is also the first time that we have downhill and cross country skied in May."

Andes Tower Hills plans to open by early November this fall.