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Alexandria League of Women Voters identifies concerns from past election

After each election cycle The League of Women Voters studies how the electoral process works and offers recommendations for improvement.

This happens at all levels - national, state and local.

The Alexandria Area League of Women Voters (AALWV) invited four election officials to an open meeting to give their perspectives on the conduct of the last election and answer prepared questions from the group.

In general, the local election was conducted professionally by a dedicated group of officials and election workers.

Several areas of concern were identified, including the need for more election judges, a ballot mix up that led to a recount in the state representative race, and voter guides being placed in one polling location.

A subsequent group discussion led to the formulation of recommendations agreed to by a consensus process.

Below are the consensus statements:

The AALWV supports:

1. Broad voter registration efforts.

2. Candidate forums for all state and local offices that are non-partisan, open to the public and allow unscripted questioning of candidates.

3. The exclusive use of public buildings as polling locations.

4. Polling locations that are adequately staffed with election judges. Citizens are encouraged to be election judges.

5. Clear separation and demarcation in polling locations where more than one ballot is used.

6. Minnesota laws that state that polling locations be and remain free of materials that could influence the vote.

The Alexandria League pledges to do what it can to encourage an efficient election.