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Franson introduces Family Freedom Act

Representative Mary Franson (R-Alexandria) recently introduced the Family Freedom Act, House File 846. This legislation would prohibit the unionization of independent contractors.

"Families who are running businesses out of their home or people who have hired personal care attendants should not have to worry about the additional cost that unionization imposes on their business or cost of care," said Franson.

"This legislation ensures that those who are hired as independent contractors do not have split loyalties between the families they work for and the union bosses who want more money from hard-working people," she said.

Franson added, "Big union bosses are lining their pockets on the backs of hard-working Minnesotans, mostly women. This legislation is a good first step to that. This bill is about protecting families, independent business owners, incomes and working-class people."

House File 846 is waiting for a hearing in the House Labor, Workforce and Regulated Industries Committee.