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A second chance to help Minnesota wildlife

Minnesotans who forgot to donate to the line with the loon on their state tax forms now have a second chance to help the state's bald eagles, trumpeter swans, blue herons, peregrine falcons and bluebirds, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) said.

To donate to the DNR nongame wildlife program, visit the website at

More than 800 nongame wildlife species depend on donations. The nongame wildlife program receives 80 percent of its funding through donations.

Last year 66,000 Minnesotans donated to the line with the loon on their tax forms, compared with 88,000 people 10 years ago, said Carrol Henderson, DNR nongame wildlife program supervisor.

"Only one in 31 households contributes to the wildlife checkoff fund, so every dollar donated is an important gift to wildlife," he said.

Many Minnesotans use tax services to prepare their taxes and never see their tax form so they miss the line with the loon, Henderson said. These same people enjoy watching the new live bald eagle webcam as well as frequenting the outdoors to watch soaring eagles along the riverbanks and listening to the haunting call of the common loon.

"We are fortunate to offer this second chance to help wildlife and keep Minnesota a special place to live," Henderson said. "It's fast and easy to make your tax deductible donation; just go to the DNR website and click on the nongame wildlife donate button. Every dollar donated will help protect and preserve the future of all wildlife in Minnesota."