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Bill aims to help small rural hospitals

The Minnesota House recently passed a bill that would allow for reimbursement of service in critical access hospitals across the state.

Representative Jay McNamar (DFL - Elbow Lake), the chief author, worked with local hospitals to create a bill that worked for medical professionals and patients.

"The bottom line is that the old requirements created an unnecessary burden for rural hospitals," McNamar said. "[Hospitals and medical facilities] would either lose money or not be able to perform services under the current legislation."

In 2012, legislation was enacted to require certain facilities and providers of advanced diagnostic imaging services to be accredited by certain organizations in order to receive payment for services.

This requirement for additional accreditation has proved burdensome and cost-prohibitive for numerous small, rural hospitals across the state.

McNamar's bill ensures that licensed hospitals are eligible for reimbursement without further accreditation for those specific services.

Rick Ash, administrator of the Windom Hospital in southern Minnesota, testified in support of the bill during committee hearings.

McNamar can be contacted at (651) 296-4929 or