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Alexandria man wins $82,732 jackpot

Gary Miller of Alexandria won an $82,732 Progressive Print-N-Play jackpot by playing the $5 bingo game.

The Eagles, located at 526 North Nokomis in Alexandria, sold the winning ticket.

Miller was all smiles but said he was "still shaking" when he arrived at the Lottery's Roseville office on February 20 with a winning Progressive Print-N-Play ticket.

When he purchased the ticket, he saw that the progressive jackpot was up to $82,732. Someone else purchased a ticket right after Miller did, and the jackpot had dropped to the $5,000 starting amount.

"We knew that it was won, and I was hoping that I might have the winner," said Miller. After he played the ticket and realized that he had won the jackpot, "I was jumping for joy," he recalled.

Progressive Print-N-Play games can be played as a $1, $3 or $5 ticket. The percentage of the jackpot won is determined by the ticket price.

A $1 ticket pays 20 percent of the jackpot, a $3 ticket pays 60 percent of the jackpot, and a $5 ticket pays 100 percent of the jackpot.

The jackpot starts at $5,000 and grows higher with each Progressive Print-N-Play ticket sold. The jackpot amount at the time the ticket is purchased is printed on each ticket.

Players have one year from the date the Progressive Print-N-Play ticket is purchased to claim all prizes.

Proceeds from the Minnesota State Lottery benefit all Minnesotans. Since 1990, the Lottery has raised more than $2.1 billion for state programs. The general fund has received more than $1.2 billion to help fund functions such as education, public safety and health and human services. Another $850 million has funded environmental programs.

For more information about the Minnesota State Lottery, visit Players can also get the winning numbers 24 hours a day by calling (651) 634-1111.