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Funds available for rental repairs

The Douglas County Housing and Redevelopment Authority (DCHRA) has funds available to help qualifying rental property owners make necessary repairs.

This program is a comprehensive city application for rental rehabilitation that encompasses targeted areas inside the cities of Osakis, Alexandria and Starbuck.

The Douglas County and Alexandria HRAs are working in conjunction to administer the program to the three cities.

A total of $421,400 in rehabilitation funds was awarded to be utilized on 42 rental rehabilitation projects: five units in Osakis, six units in Starbuck and 31 units in Alexandria.

The average assistance provided is $14,000 per unit.

Eligible improvements may include updates for health and safety issues, energy efficiency, electrical, plumbing or heating repairs or replacements, structural repairs, compliance with state and local codes, weatherization and sanitary sewer systems repairs/replacements.

To apply, or get more information on financing specifications for the program, call Erin Bolland, financial coordinator at the Alexandria HRA, at (320) 762-1311.