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Minnesotans plan ahead for long-term care

Minnesotans' biggest concern about their retirement years is losing health and needing care, according to results of the 2012 State Fair Survey of Retirement and Long-term Care. A large share of the 2,400 survey respondents also said they did not know how they would pay for long-term care.

As a new year begins, Minnesotans can resolve to address these concerns with a trip to the Own Your Future website,

gov/ownyourfuture, to begin planning for their long-term care needs.

Own Your Future is a state and federal initiative to promote long-term care planning. It was launched this past fall with a letter from Governor Mark Dayton and Lt. Governor Yvonne Prettner Solon urging Minnesotans ages 40 to 65 to plan for the long-term care many will need as they grow older. Many people mistakenly think that Medicare will pay for long-term care costs. Actually, Medicare only pays for long-term care costs under very limited circumstances.

The Own Your Future website takes participants through the steps of understanding what long-term care is, gathering information for a plan, figuring out how much care will cost and how to pay for it and creating a plan.

The 2012 State Fair Survey of Retirement and Long-Term Care was the sixth such survey sponsored by the Department of Human Services and the Minnesota Board on Aging since 1998. The sponsors have used the survey results to gauge concerns and behavior regarding planning for retirement and long-term care needs.