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State transportation committee offers revenue-generating ideas for roads

ST. PAUL - The state transportation finance advisory committee, which released its recommendations on transportation revenue and spending last month, today released its final report.

"The final report details the hard work committee members did analyzing state transportation needs and funding," said Acting MnDOT Commissioner Bernie Arseneau. "We are proud of the work the committee did and look forward to more discussion of transportation funding."

The committee was created late last year and began meeting in early 2012. It received briefings about the state's transportation system needs and funding process. It heard concerns from citizens, local government, labor and industry, and transportation advocacy groups.

TFAC's recommendations offer revenue-generating options for roads, transit, local government and projects. These options support an environment in which Minnesota businesses can continue to grow, ensure that the state continues to be an attractive location for companies looking to expand, and position Minnesota well into the future.

"The recommendations are intended to help Minnesota compete for jobs and talent," Arseneau said. "And the committee sees that an economically competitive and world-class transportation system is necessary for the state to succeed. The recommendations support funding to achieve that goal."

The final report and background on the committee's work are available on the TFAC website at