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Knute Nelson fights Parkinson's disease

Specialized care for individuals living with Parkinson's disease is being enhanced with the introduction of a strategic partnership between Knute Nelson and Struther's Parkinson's Center.

The Care Network was formed with the intent to provide more knowledge about Parkinson's disease and provide valuable resources and support to those living with Parkinson's disease. Knute Nelson is one of two health care organizations in rural Minnesota to be invited to participate in this Care Network.

As part of the Care Network, clients served by Knute Nelson who have Parkinson's disease will have access to resources at the Struther's Parkinson's Center. Knute Nelson clinical staff will be trained in Parkinson's symptoms and management to enhance the care provided to these individuals.

Several years ago, Knute Nelson began offering NeuroFit as part of their Nelson Wellness Center, recognizing that individuals living with neurological movement disorders require proactive exercise programs. This specialized program helps delay the progression of neurological movement disorders, including Parkinson's.

Knute Nelson, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, faith-based corporation, is an innovative leader in senior housing and health care that offers a full family of services to the West Central Minnesota region.

For more information on Knute Nelson, visit or call (320) 763-6653.