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SilverSneakers and Walgreens included in UCare 2013 benefit set

In Minnesota and Wisconsin, UCare's broad network of fitness club choices in 2013 for UCare for Seniors members will include the national SilverSneakers Fitness Program.

Three of UCare's Medicare health plans now offer a preferred generic tier with co-pays $5 (or less) on many commonly used prescriptions comprising 60 percent of its total number of generic medication claims within Value Plus, Classic and Essentials Rx plans.

Walgreens pharmacies will once again be part of UCare's network of medication and health care providers serving UCare for Seniors and all UCare members in 2013.

The addition of SilverSneakers enables UCare to offer the largest network of fitness facilities of any Medicare plan in this Minnesota/western Wisconsin service area in 2013.

UCare also offers UCare's UCan! UCare Activity Network fitness option, which offers health club savings, EnhanceFitness classes and Do-It-Yourself kits with portable exercise gear for use at home or away.

Clubs currently available in UCare's fitness network include participating Anytime Fitness, Curves, Fitness 19, LAFitness, Life Time Fitness, National Independent Health Club Association (NIHCA) member clubs, Snap Fitness clubs, the YMCAs of Minneapolis and St. Paul, and select YMCA branches in Greater Minnesota and Wisconsin.