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County Commissioner - District 2 Candidate: Norm Salto (Incumbent)

Running for County Commissioner - District 2

Q: Please list your background and specific qualifications for this position.

A: My background has given me a lot of opportunity to work with the people of our community and surrounding communities, as deputy, sheriff, business owner and commissioner for the past six years.

Q: What do you view as the biggest challenge facing the county right now and how would you deal with it.

A: One of the big challenges our board faces is to see the completion of the Horizon health merger and to keep in mind the possibility of other counties in our district sharing services.

Q: Would you say the current board has shown commitment and follow through on current projects, for example the law enforcement and services center and courtroom remodel? What would your strategy be to further progress?

A: I would say the current board is very committed to the completion of the law enforcement services center, and the courtroom remodel will move to the top of the list when the current projects are completed and the funds are available.

Q: Is there anything more the county can do to combat aquatic invasive species, such as zebra mussels? Share other thoughts about protecting water quality.

A: As for protecting our water quality, Douglas County has purchased a portable washing unit to be used at the public access of infested lakes as has the DNR. We must keep informing people how important it is to clean boats and trailers upon entering and exiting our lakes. A big thank you to the Douglas County Lake Association for bringing this problem to our attention and cooperation in a plan of action.

Q: County commissioners have recently opened communication with the Alexandria City Council. What would you contribute to this partnership?

A: Communication between Douglas County commissioners and Alexandria City Council just makes sense. It could prevent duplication of services by sharing ideas that could save us all money, while still providing the best possible service to our city and county.