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US House - District 7 Candidate: Collin Peterson, DFL (Incumbent)

Running for US House - District 7

Q: Why are you seeking this office?

A: Collin C. Peterson: If I have the honor of being re-elected Congressman of Minnesota's Seventh District, I will continue to be an independent voice on behalf of my constituents and for rural economic development. I also am working to secure funding for water retention projects that could help alleviate flooding in many communities throughout the Red River Valley.

Q: What should the federal government do, if anything, to help younger Americans achieve greater financial security?

A: We can help younger Americans achieve greater financial security by cutting spending and paying down the debt that our country has accumulated over the last decade. I was one of 38 Democrats and Republicans who recently voted for the Simpson-Bowles Amendment to balance the budget and reduce the deficit in a responsible way. We have to stop fighting over ideology and put our country back on a solid fiscal path.

Q: How should the U.S. meet its energy needs?

A: Energy is a bright spot in our economy, and there are many opportunities for renewable energy and domestic production to help meet America's needs. Agriculture has helped to develop many renewable energy options and we are seeing those markets grow. The U.S. also can continue to promote conservation to help us reduce our dependence on foreign sources of energy.

Q: Describe what actions you would take in Washington to strengthen the economy.

A: Washington should stop trying to fix the economy and let it run its course. Congress should pass long-term infrastructure bills that pay for themselves, like the transportation reauthorization that rebuilds our aging public infrastructure while promoting economic development and creating jobs.

Q: How would you work to balance the costs of our domestic challenges and military engagements around the world?

A: To balance our long-term budget, every domestic and defense program must be on the table. We'll always respond to national security threats, however, we have to pay for the military engagements that we get involved in or we'll continue to accumulate debt. If we put all options on the table and work together to make the tough choices, we can get back on track.