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City Council - Ward 5 Candidate: Elroy Frank (Incumbent)

Running for City Council - Ward 5

Q: Please list your background and specific qualifications for this position.

A: Loiann and I have been living here almost 30 years. I have been serving on the city council for the past 16 years, representing the citizens of Alexandria. We are members of Shalom Lutheran Church, involved in many local service groups. I believe in our community and working for all the people in Alexandra.

Q: What would you view as the biggest challenge facing Alexandria right now and how would you deal with it?

A: Budget is a big challenge. To provide more and to spend less is what everyone needs, but the reality is we have to pay our obligations. The increases that you see this year are from the items we need to pay and cutting departments' expenses and still provide a great service to the people of Alexandria.

Q: What are your feelings about having an event center in the city? How much involvement should the city have in such a project?

A: The event center is a study and a look at what this community's needs are.

Do we need one? Yes. I think the city should be involved with it, as it can bring more to the RCC arena we have.

Q: Is Alexandria doing enough to keep local property taxes low? What are some specific cost saving ideas you have for the budget?

A: The council is doing the right thing by keeping the budget in line with a small increase in the levy. Saving in the budget is to be working smarter with the staff, knowledge and equipment we have. Combining departments and equipment is a start to be smarter and cost effective.

Q: Is Alexandria drawing enough high-paying jobs to the area? What are your ideas for improvement?

A: We have great business in the area to provide jobs and to be able to support our area. To draw more in growth is to promote the great city of Alexandria and Douglas County.