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Brandon Township elections to be held

Brandon Township elections are held in November in conjunction with the general election on November 6. The three positions on the ballot up for election in 2012 are for two supervisors and a treasurer. All are four-year terms.

Filing for supervisor position B is Gaylin Croonquist. Croonquist has served as a Brandon Township supervisor in the past and is returning to the position.

Filing for supervisor position C is Gene Fynboh. Fynboh is the incumbent and was appointed to fill this position when the former supervisor moved out of the township.

Filing for the treasurer position is Michael Cleary. Cleary has been a Brandon Township supervisor for the past four years.

The ballot will also contain the following question:

"Shall option B, providing for the appointment of the clerk and treasurer by the town board, be adopted for the government of Brandon Township?"

Minnesota Township Laws reference on Option B: 367.30 subd. 2 and 367.31 subd. 4. A "yes" vote will indicate that the voter is in favor of adopting the appointment of the clerk and the treasurer.

Brandon Township Board said it placed this question on the November ballot for the following reasons:

--The clerk and the treasurer are non-voting members of the board.

--The clerk is the election official of the township, which can lead to conflicts when that position is up for election in the November general elections.

--The positions of clerk and treasurer now require additional computer skills and other specialized training.

--Appointed positions do not require that the individuals to be appointed be township residents.