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Gabriel Media buys AM 1180 KYES to form Christian radio conglomerate

Gabriel Media has purchased KYES radio from the ThrowFire Project, adding it to its existing faith-based radio station, Spirit 92.9. KYES is an AM Catholic talk radio station that runs syndicated programming and local talk shows. Both Spirit 92.9 and KYES were initiated and established by local radio legend Andy Hilger and his wife Carol.

"It's so exciting to add KYES to our existing Christian music station! We now are able to reach even more faith-filled listeners with positive messages of hope and spirituality because most Catholic talk radio listeners are a different demographic than those who tune in to our music station," says General Manager Deb Huschle. "Plus, by being able to share our overhead expenses, we are able to be better stewards of our resources, both in terms of staff and finances. This is a very positive move!"

Gabriel Media was created as a 501c3 nonprofit in January 2011 with ownership of Spirit 92.9, a contemporary Christian music station that reaches the St. Cloud area.

Gabriel Media is governed by a five-member corporate board comprised of the Bishop of the Diocese of Saint Cloud (the Most Rev. John F. Kinney), Vicar General (the Rev. Robert Rolfes), Chancellor (Catherine Coghlan), and two others appointed by the above-named members (the Rev. Timothy Baltes and Joseph Spaniol).

According to Rolfes, "It's a real joy to know the Catholic community has these resources to listen to and I am glad that the legacy Andy Hilger has created for the faithful in our area can continue." KYES has a larger reach than Spirit 92.9, reaching the 16 Central Minn. counties that are in the Catholic Diocese of Saint Cloud.

The corporation has a Board of Directors that oversees the operations of the organization. The Board is comprised of the Rev. Marvin Enneking, the Rev. Robert Rolfes, the Rev. Carol Jean Smith, the Rev. Doug Vagle, Robert Mahowald, Sr., John Herges, Tracy Johnson, Howard Schomer, Duwayne Snyder, Beth Fiedler and Mark Sakry.