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State horseshoes: Foss wins open championship

The Larsons of Evansville were not the only horseshoe pitchers from the Alexandria Horseshoe League playing in the state tournament recently.

Byron Foss of Alexandria competed in the Elders E Open Class, finishing first with a 4-1 record and 220 points, hitting 103 ringers.

Kendra Swenson of Garfield competed in her first state tournament in the Junior C division, finishing fourth, while Tim Bayerl of Alexandria was fourth in the Men's F division.

Gary Boots of Barrett was fifth in the Men's B division, Bruce Swenson of Garfield was sixth in the Men's L division, Phil Swenson of Alexandria was seventh in the Elders B division and Jerry Werk of Herman was seventh in the Men's B division.

Alexandria will also be the site of the next two state tournaments, with more than 200 pitchers descending on the Runestone Community Center in both 2013 and 2014.