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Ask a Trooper - How to legally transport fireams

Question: What is the recommended legal way to transport my 9mm handgun in my car as I drive from my home to my lake cabin? Should I have the ammunition clip locked in a separate container from the gun itself? What about the bullets?

Answer: I can tell you what the law says and you can figure it out from there.

According to M.S.S. 97B.045 Subdivision 1, A person may not transport a firearm in a motor vehicle unless the firearm is: (1) unloaded and in a gun case expressly made to contain a firearm, and the case fully encloses the firearm by being zipped, snapped, buckled, tied, or otherwise fastened, and without any portion of the firearm exposed; (2) unloaded and in the closed trunk of a motor vehicle; or (3) a handgun carried in compliance with sections 624.714 (having a permit) and 624.715 (other rare exemptions).

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