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Raging fires force former Alex resident to flee

Thousands of residents were forced to flee from Colorado last week as raging fires tore through the state, leaving homes, business and churches burned to the ground.

Mike Sundseth, former Alexandria resident, was one of these evacuees.

The Waldo Canyon Fire has scorched 28 square miles, killed two and burned 346 homes in just a little over a week. Fortunately, the Sundseth home in Colorado Springs was not burned down.

"They say it's undamaged," said Sundseth skeptically. "We'll find out, I guess."

Sundseth and his family stayed in Alexandria while waiting for the city to allow residents to return.

The Waldo Canyon Fire is the most destructive in Colorado state history.

Rain last Wednesday helped douse the fires in Colorado. Sundseth believed the city was doing well with containing the fire, as well. "I think they did everything they possibly could," he said.

Although the fires are subsiding in Colorado, other states are now suffering from the havoc of wildfires. A total of 36 fires are chewing through nine western states, according to the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise, Idaho.

The fires in Colorado aren't completely extinguished, though.

At the peak of the destruction, nearly 2,000 personnel worked to contain the fire. This number has fallen to slightly more than 700. As of Thursday, the fire was 90 percent contained, and expected to reach 100 percent containment by Friday.

Sundseth planned on returning home to Colorado Springs either Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. When asked if he believed the city would recover, he responded confidently, "Absolutely."