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DNR's Minnesota Conservation Volunteer magazine releases new app

A new application (app) released by the Minnesota Conservation Volunteer magazine brings four wild and natural Minnesota places to the touchscreens of iPad users.

The "Our Collective Legacy" app, now available for free download from the iTunes store, is a photo-rich, in-depth version of an article from the May-June 2012 edition of the magazine, which is published by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

The app presents four treasured places Minnesotans helped save when they voted to pass the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment in 2008. Under the amendment, voters approved a 3/8 of one percent sales-tax increase to fund improvements and upkeep of cultural and natural resources.

Featuring photographs and audio, the app takes readers on a close-up, interactive journey to four Legacy sites, demonstrating the positive impact of the amendment.

"Minnesotans really care about their natural resources, and there's perhaps no better proof than their support of the Legacy amendment," said Keith Goetzman, managing editor of the Minnesota Conservation Volunteer. "This is a new way to show them the natural beauty of the places they've helped preserve."

The four sites are Garvin Brook and the Whitewater Wildlife Management Area in the southeastern part of the state, Yaeger Lake in the north-central area, and the Pembina Wildlife Management Area in the northwest. From a trout stream and an oak forest to a wild-rice lake and an aspen parkland, these areas show the rewards Minnesotans reaped when they chose to invest in their outdoor heritage. The photographs are by renowned nature photographer Richard Hamilton Smith.

For more than 70 years, the Minnesota Conservation Volunteer has provided readers with entertaining and informative articles about Minnesota's woods, waters and wildlife. Featuring some of Minnesota's best-known outdoor writers and photographers, the magazine delivers in-depth and in-the-field natural resources coverage.

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