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Online electrical permit process opens to homeowners

Minnesota homeowners can now expedite their permit application process by

creating and paying for electrical permits online. Homeowners can apply for

electrical permits for a one-family dwelling.

The Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) has opened its eTRAKiT permit

system to homeowners, which enables the creation of an online account to

apply for permits, track current and historical permits, review inspection

results and pay fees.

DLI receives more than 100,000 requests for electrical permits each year.

Approximately 10 percent of these are homeowner electrical permits.

Homeowners can visit DLI's website at to set up an eTRAKit

account and file an electrical permit. The homeowner will receive a permit

number, which will help the homeowner schedule an electrical inspection and

will allow the inspector to access the permit information in eTRAKiT.

Homeowners can track the electrical inspection activity for their permit and

will always have access to the information or be able to print copies of the

permit for insurance reasons or other purposes.

Essentially all electrical work in Minnesota is required to be performed by

licensed electrical contractors and their licensed electricians. However, a

homeowner is permitted to perform electrical work in the one-family home

that they occupy or will occupy upon completion of construction.

Under a lawfully filed permit, the scope of work a homeowner can perform

could be as simple as replacing a light fixture with a ceiling fan or as

complex as wiring a new home.

eTRAKiT first launched in October 2011 and was initially open to just

licensed electrical contractors. Since its launch, 60 percent of all

electrical permits have been purchased online.

DLI's eTRAKiT system has proven to be popular among electrical contractors.

Results of a survey sent to eTRAKiT users show 78 percent of respondents

liked to use the program to create and pay for services versus filling out

and mailing paper forms and 90 percent found the system easy to use.

DLI has future plans to implement eTRAKiT for all construction codes and

licensing disciplines such as building, elevators, mechanical, plumbing and