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June 18 is Minnesota Women Veterans Day

Gov. Mark Dayton is scheduled to proclaim June 18, 2012, as Minnesota Women Veterans Day.

"Gov. Dayton recognizes the importance of women serving in the military and

by signing this proclamation, it gives recognition to the more than 23,000

Minnesota women who have served our state and Nation," said retired Army Lt.

Col. Barb O'Reilly.

"As a woman who has served, this proclamation brings awareness across the

state and encourages others to support women who have served or are

currently serving," said O'Reilly.

"In honor of this day, an inaugural event 'Women Teeing It Up For Our Women

Veterans' is scheduled for June 18 at The Wilds Golf Course, Prior Lake,

Minn.," said retired Army Lt. Col. Harry Wisdom, a two-tour, Vietnam veteran

and past vice-president for Tee It Up for the Troops. "The proceeds from

this inaugural event will support programs and initiatives for our women


"There wasn't much recognition for Vietnam veterans," said Wisdom. "But

women, who also served in Vietnam to include my wife, received even less.

Women served our county and are still serving and should be recognized for

their sacrifice to our country."

"We're seeking women to play in our golf tournament", said Mary Newman, golf

tournament committee member. However, we'll let anyone register who wants

to support our women veterans. Please contact me at 952-953-6390 or if you want to be part of this historic day."