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Plant an extra row

It is that time again; individuals and families are tending to their gardens and getting them ready for the growing season. If you would like an opportunity to give back to your community, consider this fun, affordable option: "Plant an Extra Row" and help United Way reduce hunger in our community.

With the help of First Lutheran Church's garden, the Brandon Knights of Columbus' garden, and others in our community sharing their bountiful harvests, last year United Way shared more than 14,000 pounds of produce with our neighbors.

Fruit and vegetable donations are collected Monday through Friday at United Way's office, 2504 Aga Drive in Alexandria and distributed throughout the community. Gardeners are asked to bring produce to United Way by noon on Fridays.

You can be a part of giving back to your community, too. As you plant your garden this year, think of it as an opportunity to use your hobby of gardening to give back to our community. You will make a big difference in the lives of others by helping eliminate hunger. Grow an extra row.