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Minnesota National Guard soldiers speaking at Memorial Day ceremonies across state

Minnesota National Guard citizen -soldiers and -airmen are speaking at Memorial Day ceremonies across Minnesota today.

"The Minnesota National Guard shares in the sorrow and grief felt by the families who have lost loved ones defending the freedoms of our Nation," said Army Maj. Gen. Richard C. Nash, Minnesota National Guard Adjutant General.

"The Minnesota National Guard has lost 18 soldiers since 9/11," said Nash. "And countless service members from all branches of service have made the ultimate sacrifice. Memorial Day is a time to honor these defenders of freedom."

"We can honor fallen service members on Memorial Day by visiting the gravesites of our fallen heroes, attending ceremonies and parades and observing the National Moment of Remembrance at 3 p.m.," said Nash. "We can honor fallen service members every day by teaching our children and grandchildren how to honor the Nation's colors by standing in respect, with their hand over their heart, when the colors pass by or during the National Anthem. I would encourage veterans to tell their stories to share America's great history."

"It's also a time to remember that even though the war in Iraq is over, we still have service members far away from home," said Nash. "Minnesota is a standard-bearer when it comes to supporting its troops and military family members and we ask for your continued support. We wouldn't be able to do what we do without the communities, organizations, businesses and individuals who provide that caring when it's needed most."

Minnesota National Guard citizen -soldiers and -airmen are scheduled to speak in 40 communities across Minnesota, said Nash.

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