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25 feet - the slow way

Juergen Brunkhorst with Widseth Smith Nolting competed in the slow bike challenge. Amy Chaffins | Echo Press2 / 3
A crowd cheered on the super slow bike riding skills shown at the Slow Bike Race Challenge Tuesday. Jerry Rutten, representing Douglas Machine, took the top prize; Cory Hodgson of Douglas Scientific was second and Eric Morken of the Echo Press was third in the race. All three won gift certificates to local businesses. Amy Chaffins | Echo Press3 / 3

Slow and steady won the race Tuesday as part of Active Living Douglas County's (ALDC) SlowBike Race Challenge.

The last person to cross the finish line won the 25-foot-long race.

The event was hosted by ALDC to celebrate the launch of its new BikeShare program.

Four, new, bright-green bikes are now parked near Big Ole and they're free for anyone to use.

Rules for participating in the BikeShare system are: Return the bicycle to its docking station after use and in the same condition, or better than you found it; no overnight use; and always ride with a smile. Although there is no helmet law in Minnesota, ALDC recommends the use of a helmet while riding a BikeShare bicycle.

At this time, ALDC does not have plans to station an attendant or lock-up the bikes. The bikes will be stored outdoors and are rugged enough to withstand the elements.

ALDC has strategically planned BikeShare to launch prior to the proposed bike path that will run parallel to Broadway as part of the Minnesota Department of Transportation's (MnDOT) "complete street" redesign in 2014.

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