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Senator Ingebrigtsen sums up 11th week at Legislature

Editor's note: State Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen, R-Alexandria, provided the following summary of his work in the 11th week of the Legislature:

A bill allowing Minnesota companies the option of putting their own veterans hiring programs in place was signed into law Wednesday after receiving unanimous approval in both houses. Previously, the federal government had prohibited hiring preferences.

U.S. veterans are experiencing unemployment at rates more the twice the general population, and this rate is even higher in Minnesota where our Reserve Forces have a very high rates of volunteerism and deployment. This bill will simplify the hiring process for veterans so that Minnesota can capitalize upon the range of talents and professional values that service members bring to our businesses and communities.

Protecting small business

The Minnesota Senate passed House File 1766 (SF 1630) Monday ensuring child care assistance dollars are not diverted to unions. In existing state law, there is nothing to prevent unions from capturing tax payer dollars intended for the care of our children.

House File 1766's passage is another step in protecting our child care providers from government overreach in their businesses. Republicans remain committed to standing up for Minnesota small businesses, the economic engines of communities across the state.

Empowering nurses with more flexibility

A multi-state nurse licensing agreement was approved by the Senate this week. The Nurse Licensure Compact would allows those who have resident licensure in Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota recognition to practice in Minnesota as long as the he/she registers with the MN Board of Nursing within 30 days from start of practice.

To date there are 24 states who have passed the Nurse Licensure Compact into law and participate in the reciprocity including our border states. Proponents say the reciprocity increases patient safety through enhanced sharing of licensure information, increases mobility for nurses to practice across state borders without additional licensure costs or requirements, and decreases licensure costs for employers.


Ingebrigtsen can be reached at (651) 297-8063, by mail at 303 State Capitol Building, 75 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., St. Paul, MN 55155, or via email at