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Know your Douglas County commissioners' interests

Douglas County Commissioners have set committee assignments for 2012. Find out who represents your area of interest.

Commissioner meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 9 a.m. in the Commissioners Room at the Douglas County Courthouse, 305 8th Avenue West, Alexandria.

For information on how to contact the commissioners, visit or call (320) 762-2980.


Alexandria Area Economic Development District board (Commissioner Dan Olson), Beyond the Yellow Ribbon (Commissioner Bev Bales), Building committee (Commissioner Jerry Johnson, Olson), Chamber Legislative committee (Olson), HRA board (Commissioner Norm Salto), Lakes Area Community Recreation (Paul C. Anderson), NACo Member programs (Bales), Senior Citizen Anti Fraud (Sheriff Troy Wolbersen, Public Health Department Head Sandy Tubbs), Senior Volunteer Advisory board (Anderson), West Central Communities Action (Olson), West Central Initiative (Anderson).


Central Minnesota Regional Advisory board (Johnson, Anderson), Douglas County Building Connections (Bales), Emergency Management (Johnson, Olson, Salto, Anderson, Bales), Interagency Early Intervention (Bales), KXRA update (rotating Johnson, Olson, Salto, Anderson, Bales), Library (Johnson), Viking Library (Johnson).


Association of Minnesota Counties (AMC) Environment and Natural Resources policy committee (Anderson), Chippewa River Basin (Johnson), County Ditches - excluding JD2, JD3 and JD4 (Johnson, Olson, Salto, Anderson, Bales), Judicial Ditch 2 (Johnson, Anderson, Salto), Judicial Ditch 3 (Johnson, Olson, Salto), Judicial Ditch 4 (Johnson, Anderson, Bales), Douglas County Lakes Association (Dave Rush, Land and Resource Director), E-Waste (Bales), Flood board (Johnson), Noxious Weed Appeals board (Salto), Pomme de Terre Joint Powers board (Johnson), Pope/Douglas Environmental Health (Johnson, Salto), Pope/Douglas Solid Waste (Olson, Salto, Jerry Wright), Runestone Park board (Johnson), Sauk River Watershed board (Bales, Bob Mostad), Soil and Water Conservation District (Johnson), WesMin Resource Conservation and Development (Johnson), Zoning Land Use Ordinance (Johnson, Olson, Salto, Anderson, Bales).


AMC District IV (Johnson, Olson, Salto, Anderson, Bales), AMC delegates (Johnson, Olson, Salto, Anderson, Bales, County Coordinator Bill Schalow, Auditor/Treasurer Char Rosenow, County Engineer/Public Works Director Dave Robley), AMC General Government policy committee (Olson), AMC, Minnesota Counties Intergovernmental Trust (MCIT) and National Association of Counties (NACo) conferences and committees (Johnson, Olson, Salto, Anderson, Bales), Legislative committee (Johnson, Olson), Minnesota Rural Counties Caucus (Bales).


Active Living/Safe Communities (Bev Bales), AMC Health and Human Services policy committee (Bales), Area Agency on Aging - Land of the Dancing Sky (Anderson), County Committee on Aging (Johnson), Horizon Community Health board (Johnson, Olson), Hospital board (Johnson, Olson, Salto, Anderson, Bales), Lakeland Mental Health Center (Olson), Mental Health and State Children's Mental Health (Bales), Minnesota Hospital Association (Bales), Nurse-Family Partnership (Olson), PrimeWest (Olson, Anderson), Public Health Advisory (Johnson), Task Force on Aging (Anderson), West Central Wellness Statewide Health Improvement Program (Bales).


Budget committee (Johnson, Olson, Salto, Anderson, Bales), Budget sub-committee (Johnson, Olson), Long range planning (Johnson, Olson, Salto, Anderson, Bales), Planning advisory (Salto), Planning commission (Gaylen Croonquist - District 1, Gary Thoennes - District 2, Bob Mostad - District 3, Dan New - District 4, Les Zimmerman - District 5), Public Works Planning - road and bridges (Johnson, Olson, Salto, Anderson, Bales), Regional Planning (Anderson), Tax Abatement (Johnson, Olson).


AMC Public Safety policy committee (Salto), Corrections Advisory (Salto), Extension (Johnson, Olson), Jail Construction committee (Johnson, Salto, Bill Schalow), Law Enforcement committee (Salto), Law Library (Salto), NACo Ag and Rural Affairs (Anderson), West Central Regional Juvenile Center (Salto).


AMC Transportation policy committee (Johnson), Rainbow Rider (Olson, Salto), Regional Transportation Advisory (Public Works Director/County Engineer Dave Robley).