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Selective TV converts some channels to digital

Selective TV, the member-supported UHF system in the Douglas County area, is going digital.

James Borgrud, president of Selective TV, said that eight channels are being converted and are expected to be up and running today, Friday.

The new temporary line-up for the channels is:

14.1 - KARE 11

16.1 - KSTC 45

21.1 - RFD-TV

26.1 - WUCW 23

30.1 - WFTC 29

32.1 - FAM NET

34.1 - ION TV

38.1 - KMSP 9

Borgrud recommended viewers to access their TV menu and auto-program the new channel locations. The decimals will show up on TVs, he said.

The next step will be to eventually offer high definition (HD), Borgrud said.

During the digital transition, KSAX-TV will move from channel 14 to channel 18 and remain analog.