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How do trespassing laws impact snowmobilers?

The following is the Minnesota Department of Natural Resource's "Question of the Week."

Question: Trespassing is among the issues DNR conservation officers must deal with during the winter months. What should people remember as they ride their snowmobiles?

Answer: Winter is a great time to enjoy Minnesota's wonderful natural resources, and snowmobiles present the opportunities to see places you might not otherwise get to see. However, it is important to remember to respect the private and public property that snowmobile clubs have obtained to create the extensive system of trails Minnesota has to offer. Cutting corners, taking shortcuts across fields, hill climbing or operating on private property outside road ditch right-of-ways are all examples of trespassing situations that have resulted in the closing of miles of snowmobile trails every season. In addition to respecting private and public property, safety is another important reason to stay on trails marked for snowmobile use.

- Captain Mike Hammer, DNR Division of Enforcement recreational vehicle coordinator