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Music video salute to soldiers, taped in Alexandria, hits YouTube

Ciara Drexler led the crowd in the chorus of her original song. Audience members held up signs and banners of support and even photos of their military family members. Photo by Stacie Kimball.1 / 2
Song lyrics were supplied so attendees of the music video for Ciara Drexler's song, Civilian's Song, could sing along. Photo by Stacie Kimball.2 / 2

A Barrett woman's music video tribute to soldiers, including those from the Alexandria area, is now on YouTube.

Ciara Drexler wrote a song and had a vision she was determined to see through. The final goal is a music video Drexler hopes will send a message to service men and woman everywhere.

The singer/songwriter wrote "Civilian's Song" and asked the public to join her in filming a music video at Citizens Field in Alexandria. Her motive wasn't fame or fortune - it was to thank those who serve and protect this country.

"I wanted it to be something that could be a voice for other people who might feel the same way I feel," said Drexler. "I wanted to have others join me in thanking them."

The video is available on YouTube, click here to see the video.

The Echo Press covered the video shoot in Alexandria and a photo gallery is available by clicking here.

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