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Top 20 Professionals: Dr. Paul Kietzmann -- Alexandria Clinic

Dr. Paul Kietzmann has practiced family medicine at Alexandria Clinic since August 2008.

Nichole Roell nominated Dr. Paul Kietzmann of the Alexandria Clinic as a Top 20 Professional.

Here is Roell's story:

"When my OB [obstetrics physician] asked who my (yet unborn) baby's doctor would be I had no idea, so it was basically a matter of playing eenie-meenie-miney-mo based on the doctors' biographies on the Alexandria Clinic website.

"I selected Dr. Paul Kietzmann and I couldn't be happier with the result. Dr. Kietzmann from day one was very comforting, soft-spoken and, most of all, reassuringly competent in his duties. It's been a pleasure seeing him for baby's checkups and our occasional medical woes.

"His nurse, Lindsay, has always been wonderful to work with as well - professional, friendly and very quick to return phone calls whenever we have questions or concerns.

"Both she and Dr. Kietzmann seem to take a genuine interest in the health of our family, which is hard to find these days."