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Woman of the year -- LaTresse Snead

LaTresse Snead of Alexandria was named the Professional Woman of the Year by the Lakes Area Professional Women's (LAPW) organization.

LaTresse Snead of Alexandria was named the Professional Woman of the Year by the Lakes Area Professional Women's (LAPW) organization.

Snead received the honor at the National Business Women's Week luncheon at the Holiday Inn in Alexandria on Wednesday, October 19.

The annual award honors an LAPW member in the areas of Exploration, fulfillment and intention; joy, hope and celebration; and affirmation and advocacy for women.

In her role as the community relations lead at Tastefully Simple in Alexandria, Snead develops strategic initiatives that positively impact the local community and engage consultants nationally.

Snead graduated from Hiram Johnson West Campus high school in Sacramento, California. She obtained a bachelor's degree from San Francisco State University and a master's degree from Georgia State University. She is also a graduate of the Leadership Alexandria program.

She is currently a member of the Alexandria YMCA board and serves as the membership and marketing chair.

She is a Board Leadership Academy Planning member and a member of the Diversity Resource Action Alliance, Lakes Area Professional Women and Impact Alexandria.

Snead believes that a woman's role in the professional world is to be "the best example she can be to other aspiring professionals and to help mentor them and lift them up."

According to nominator Rachel Barduson of the Douglas County Historical Society, "LaTresse has been key in enhancing Alexandria and the surrounding area since the day she arrived. Her knowledge of philanthropy is truly taken to the highest level because of her understanding of community needs and the true spirit of philanthropy to benefit a whole community. She is a born leader and born to be a spokesperson for the true cause of philanthropy."

"LaTresse has a presence that demands command," added nominator Jessica Boyer of United Way. "Individuals sit up and listen when she speaks. It is a rare occasion that she does not share a wealth of knowledge and/or ability to bring clarity to a situation by showing a different perspective."

"LaTresse understands balance and lives to fulfill the goals she has created for herself, not to impress someone else," added nominator Nancy Klepetka of Integrated Health Center. "She is an advocate for justice and never stops speaking up and taking action when she can.

"LaTresse lives her life with more integrity and honesty than any woman I know. She is forthright in her praise, but can also offer constructive criticism in a most effective and gentle manner. She is always empowering those around her by the depth of personal accountability she demonstrates in her life."

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