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Expedited electrical permit process now online

Minnesota's licensed electrical contractors can now expedite their

permit application process by creating and paying for electrical permits


The Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) has launched its new eTRAKiT

permit system, which enables electrical contractors to create an online

account to apply for permits, track current and historical permits,

review inspection results and pay fees -- all online in a matter of


Electrical contractors can now visit DLI's website at and

request a personal identification number to set up an account to begin

to use the eTRAKiT permit system, which allows users to:

--Create multiple permits, save them to a "shopping cart" and pay for up

to 20 permits at one time using a credit card or eCheck;

--Print copies of their permits and review permit information about

their open and finalized historical permits;

--View and keep track of individual inspection results, fees due and

owner information; and

--Create and save a list of all electrical permits in an Excel


Since July 2011, more than 4,000 electrical permits have been created

and issued by a limited number of electrical contractors who have tested

and used the eTRAKiT system. These contractors provided DLI

overwhelmingly positive feedback about the system's easy and efficient

way to submit information and obtain electrical permits for projects

throughout the state.

DLI currently receives more than 100,000 requests for electrical permits

each year.

This new electrical permit application is only the beginning. DLI has

future plans to implement eTRAKiT for all construction codes and

licensing disciplines such as building, elevators, high-pressure piping,

mechanical, plumbing and sprinklers.