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Hunting in Minnesota has never been easier, says DNR

Hunting in Minnesota has never been easier.

Yes, it's more work than clicking the remote to bring a television to life. But thanks to technology and other changes it's never been easier to find places to hunt, purchase a license, or introduce someone new to the sport.

"If you've got a phone, you can buy a license," said C.B. Bylander, outreach section chief for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR). "If you've got a computer, you can download hundreds of great hunting maps and aerial photos. And if you've got the time, Minnesota has abundant grouse, deer, and other game populations that provide memories for a lifetime."

Bylander said introducing someone new to hunting is easier these days too, thanks to the apprentice hunter validation provision. This option allows an individual who would normally be required to have a firearms safety certificate (but does not have one) to try hunting for two years under the supervision of a licensed hunter. Cost of the validation is $3.50, plus the purchase of the necessary hunting license.

"This a great option for friends and family members who have not taken or completed their firearms safety training," said Bylander. "They can experience a hunt this fall; they can do it in a safe setting with a person they trust."

Bylander said the DNR has taken other steps in the past decade to make hunting easier and more family friendly. The cost of youth licenses have been cut in half or are free, depending upon age. The draw weight for taking big game by archery has been reduced from 40 to 30 pounds to better accommodate youth, women and older adults. Youth age 17 and younger can now purchase a turkey license without having to participate in the lottery.

Bylander suggests those looking for information on how or where to hunt visit the following website locations:

· General hunting information:

· Find public hunting lands:

· Walk-In-Access Areas:

· Hunting opportunities for youth:

· Ruffed Grouse hunting opportunities:

· Apprentice Hunter Validation:

· Purchase a hunting license: