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Pfeninger Trucking and Warehousing

"The convenient location and immense size of the warehouse really gives us a step up as a trucking company." Tom Pfeninger OWNER1 / 3
Brothers Tom and Jim Pfeninger of Villard operate Pfeninger Trucking and Warehousing. The trucking operation was originally started in 1948 by their father, Robert, and their uncle, Harold Pfeninger.2 / 3
Pfeninger Trucking, owned by brothers Tom and Jim Pfeninger, operates a fleet of 20 trucks that log more than two million miles annually across the U.S.3 / 3


In 1948, Harold and Robert Pfeninger, brothers from Villard, bought out a local trucking business.

For 29 years, the brothers hauled cattle to South St. Paul, bringing freight to Villard, Glenwood and Alexandria areas on their return trip. They also occasionally hauled livestock to Sioux City, Iowa.

In 1979, Robert's son, Tom, bought out his uncle's share of the company. Nine years later - in 1988 - Robert's other son, Jim, bought out his father's share - and Pfeninger Trucking, Incorporated was created.

"When my father and uncle owned the company, they mostly focused on livestock transportation. But things began to change and transporting cattle wasn't as big of an industry as it had been," Tom said. "So, when my brother and I bought them out, we decided to expand our fleet to Alexandria and Glenwood and eventually across America, transporting anything from commercial items to soy milk. We also transport in and out of the Cities every day."


"We grow with our customers - as they grow, we grow," Tom noted.

And Pfeninger has stayed true to this statement.

The company, still located in Villard, travels almost two million miles per year across the U.S. with their fleet of 17 trucks and three owner/operator trucks.

Pfeninger employs 25 to 30 people full and part-time. Employees either drive trucks or work at the warehouse.

"The convenient location and immense size of the warehouse really gives us a step up as a trucking company," Tom noted. "The business as a whole is just a simple little company - but we are trying to put more emphasis on the warehousing."


The 50,000-square-foot Pfeninger Warehousing, LLC was opened in Alexandria in July of 2008.

In just three short years, expansion was needed, and an additional 50,000 square feet were added onto the building in January of 2011.

The warehouse offers long-term and temporary storage with plentiful space for pallet racking and a large amount of open floor room. The company also provides distribution services, consolidation and deconsolidation.

The warehouse, located on Highway 29, one mile South of I-94 by Alexandria, is a secure premises equipped with a sprinkler system, 13 truck dock doors and one oversized truck dock door.

"We chose Alexandria for the warehouse location because of the freeway access and the enormous amount of business that takes place in Alexandria," Tom noted.

Additionally located in the warehouse is a cross docking center for trucks to load and unload partial or full loads. Warehouse storage and trailer to trailer transfer is also available.

The warehouse serves as the company's central warehousing and distribution center, but is mostly used for commercial use.

"Another great thing about our warehouse," says Tom, "is that it is climate controlled."


From cattle to general commodities, Pfeninger Trucking, Inc. travels to 48 states in the U.S. and offers local and long distance trucking, along with daily freight service in and out of the Twin Cities.

"We have 53-foot trailers, vans and reefers, along with flatbeds, tankers and cattle trailers," Tom noted.

The company is HazMat certified, meaning they can handle and transport hazardous materials and earned a Satisfactory Safety Rating by meeting Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations.

"Our trucking business has really grown with our customers," Tom noted. "We are here to serve them."

Pfeninger Trucking, LLC

500 Central Avenue, Villard, MN 56385

Phone: 320-554-7220 Toll free: 866-230-7220



Pfeninger Warehousing, LLC

7501 St. Hwy 29 South, Alexandria, MN 56308

Phone: 320-759-5732 or 320-554-7220